About The Hungry Wolf

I’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish some travel. Most of my holidays have been in Europe, when I lived in London. The time seemed short but the experience was vast. I frequently look back at many of the photos taken and find myself reliving the memories again and again. And then I thought, well,  perhaps there might be someone in the great big internet community looking to set foot in a city where I once stood? I have countless others to thank for sharing their stories and experiences when I did my (often) extensive pre-trip research so you know what they say, “always give back when you can so that someone else can take their turn”.

Food always accompanies travel. When my holiday is long over and I’m back at my desk looking at the computer screen; when souvenirs of sorts that I’d bought get misplaced and forgotten; when photos of my visit to Barcelona get mixed amongst 50,000 other documentation of my life; I find myself remembering that take-away pizza in a box that I ate sitting by the Grand Canal in Venice, that work-of-art open faced sandwich that I ate in Copenhagen that seemed to capture Scandinavia in a mouthful, or even that simple home-cooked cabbage by my Polish friend’s mum.

So allow me to self indulge in writing about my two great loves in life – food and travel! If a certain Mr R. Stein can do it, why can’t I?

Finally, I’m sure many wouldn’t disagree that more often than not the perfect companion to good food is good wine. But I’m no connoisseur of wine (and for those who’ve seen the American film “Sideways”, I’d probably be the guy chewing gum as I taste that Merlot when the expert is expressing bold berry flavours with a tinge of grapefruit and what not). However, I do love music and for some reason my brain is wired to tag experiences, moods and sights to it. It could be that street performer’s CD that I bought whilst roaming the winding paths of some foreign city. It could also be the song that happened to be playing as I sat in the train from Oslo to Bergen. Or it could simply be a new album I just purchased that evoked memories of good times gone by. If you are similarly inspired by sound, I’ll share some of what I’m listening to. I’d be delighted if you, too, could leave me with your listening suggestions. It always puts a smile on my face when I discover new music that I have to have on repeat.

PS: A little bit more about me. I like frosty winter mornings. I’m drawn to the glow of amber light (fire or bulb) – I photograph many lanterns, street lamps, candles. I think cities look the most amazing when it’s just rained. I’m always hungry.


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