Middletown in Prahran (Melbourne)

Could this cafe in some obscure way be named after Kate (Prince William’s wife) and the fact that she’s married to an heir in the House of Windsor? You see, with such an attention grabbing headline like Middletown (albeit we seem to have an added “w” to throw off the scent or simply, to avoid any possible legal infringements), you couldn’t blame us for putting 2 and 2 together. What’s more, Middletown claims that they’re located in Prahran but the street they’re on is really the border between Prahran and… Windsor, which is where we get our second connection. Finally, check out this cafe’s extremely regal decor – pay attention to its colour scheme:



Yes, the entire place is decked out in royal blue and white. Or blue blood, anyone? Alright then, Sherlock, I’ll give myself a pat on the back and move on. There is no doubt that Middletown is an extremely beautiful cafe to look at. The owners have thrown in everything they have to give customers that lasting first impression as they stride into this space. I think they’ve done exceptionally well here. It’s a lovely space to be in, albeit some improvement can be made about the acoustics as it tends to get rather loud with chatter.

Even the menu seems dressed in nobility:

Disappointedly then, the food fails to live up to the extremely high expectations set upfront. We have style over substance syndrome here. Here’s the food we had, but unfortunately, the dishes were a let down and not a single dish stood out particularly.

Pan-seared barramundi. The produce was good quality and this was probably the most delectable dish of all. But look at the skin – doesn’t it seem like it’s detached and sloppily replaced? This cost $22 and there wasn’t much to eat, honestly. 

Top left, clockwise: Benedict ($19), Duck leg ($22), a side of bacon and mushrooms ($8!!), Coffee waffles ($17)

For the price tag on its dish, we’d say this was cafe at fine dining level. Yes, we were left dissatisfied. The Coffee Waffles sounded good although we should have thought a bit more and sense that a combination of truffle, strawberries and maple syrup would probably seem a bit odd. The waffles did not have the slightest hint of coffee in them.

On coffees, the long black was too acidic. Milk coffees were reasonable. We decided to also try one of the matcha lattes on offer – but even that was slightly too milky and overly sweet.

We’re sorry to say that Middletown, established 2016, has a bit to go in improving its food to even get close to being considered as one of the go-to cafes in Melbourne. Style’s great though.


229 High Street
Phone: +61 (3) 9530 2288

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