Little Henri in Thornbury (Melbourne)

Lo and behold a brunch spot that exudes a charm that is all its own! Little Henri is so beautiful everywhere you look. It features an absolutely inspired colour combination of brown, green and white and is very tastefully decorated. Feels very much like a place you could while the afternoon away while sipping on good coffee and eating fine French-influenced food that doesn’t break the budget.


Featured in The Specialty Coffee Book (see here) which really does seem to get its picks right, I’m pleased to say that the coffee at Little Henri is wonderful. Both milk-based coffees and long blacks come highly approvable.


The menu spoils you with choice, with a specials board that adds to some rather difficult decisions to be made (“first world problems”). It is clear that every dish is made to a high quality so you can hardly go wrong. There are perhaps certain choices that are tastier than others – for example, the chickpea, cauliflower and Persian feta salad was an amazing amalgamation of flavour and textures, while the piadina could have used a little more filling and some bolder seasoning. Desserts were delightful!

Black rice risotto with wild mushrooms and beetroot
Chickpea, cauliflower and persian feta salad
Spicy chicken piadina
Grilled scallops with pea puree, crisp jamon and mint
Henri’s baked beans with a side of bacon
Chocolate fondant
Peanut butter parfait

Highly recommended! Find the silhouette of the walking boy.




Little Henri
850 High Street
Phone: +61 (3) 9484 8857

See how this cafe ranks on The Hungry Wolf’s list of Melbourne’s Best Cafes!


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