Glovers Station in Elsternwick (Melbourne)

Glovers Station creates a strong case for widening your radius if you’re searching for your next brunch outing in Melbourne. Approximately 10km away from the city centre (near the Caulfield Racecourse), Glovers Station is a quaint, lovely neighbourhood cafe in Elsternwick. There is plenty of parking by the street and as you approach, the Tudor-style facade is likely to be the first thing that catches your eye. It’s a different and welcome change, given that most cafes I’ve come across seem to either be ultra-industrial or super-Scandic.


There is ample seating outside, if you like the sun and fresh air. The interior is not overdone, but laid out to give a roomy feel with a good sense of warmth and homeliness to the decor.



My experiences with coffee at Glovers Station have been interesting, to say the least. Whilst the milk-based coffees (pictured) below look amazing with unconventional latte art, I didn’t quite enjoy them. I found them to be overly milky, with the milk in particular in need of a couple more seconds of heat. This has led to the need to order them strong, with a special request for the milk to be extra hot. If you can take your coffee black, I’d strongly recommend going for the Long Blacks instead. They are on a whole other level, as if the flat white I just had was made by another cafe. Glovers Station has managed to source pretty good beans (Dukes Coffee for the aficionados) and the flavours that emanate from the Long Blacks I’ve had here were delightful. The sip was robust, yet smooth and mellow. No sour finishes.


The food was truly outstanding. It can become quite difficult to pick an item of the menu to have for breakfast. You could simply opt for simplicity – their Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Chives was all of fluffy, creamy, hot and tasty. An inspired side for this dish is the smoked bacon. I applaud Glovers Station (and I hope that this doesn’t change as I’m sure they will gain popularity over time) for their reasonable price. The aforementioned dish would set you back less than $20.

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous and subscribe to the policy of “If I’m Eating Out, I Won’t Order Something That I Can Cook At Home”, please please please try the “Heirloom Beetroot Salad”. The dish showcases a well-trodden path of flavour combination; but when you have a mouthful of earthy beetroot, smoked goats curd and candied walnuts, I dare say you might have trouble wiping that smile off your face. I also recommend the Eggs Benedict. It’s a wonderful balance of creamy hollandaise, salty, briny ham hock and crunch, tangy green apple. Both dishes are also priced at below $20.

Heirloom beetroot salad, smoked goats curd, candied walnuts, leaves, toasted sourdough soldiers, poached egg

I think Glovers Station is such a hard-not-to-love cafe. Thought has gone into designing each dish on the menu. I feel very much at home lounging around here with good food and company; gently coaxed into a state of nonchalance as there is simply no rush around me. I would also give a shout out to the waiters and staff at Glovers Station. One time, they sat me (a company of 3) at a rather small table but when they had noticed we needed a little bit more space, they offered to move us to a better seating – note, this was at peak hour. They are clearly vested in every customer getting the best experience when they dine at Glovers Station. I can’t say the same of many cafes in Melbourne: too often eager customers are greeted by rudeness, a matter-of-factness and then sent away with a hefty bill. This is the hospitality industry after all, and I give my vote to the people at Glovers Station for making me feel like a king and making my day.

Do go and have a meal with them.


Glovers Station
258 Glen Eira Road
Phone: +61 (3) 9532 7765

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