Code Black Coffee in Brunswick (Melbourne)

If you work in Melbourne city, chances are you would have come across “Cafenatics”, a string of franchises populating strategic locations in the city grid. For me, on work days, there’s just no way that I would have any other coffee in the morning. The intensity of flavour is a jolt to the senses; a wake up call that manages to be altogether alarming yet soothing. Well, the creator of “Cafenatics” has just gone ahead to open Code Black Coffee in Brunswick now. It’s no wonder that coffee is taken extremely seriously here. Beans are roasted on site. A “since 2012” is proudly displayed at the entrance of the cafe.


I really like how they’ve done up the place here too. Just like their coffee, the word “black” is also taken literally in every way. The floor, walls and ceiling are all painted black. Most of the furnishing are also black, with flourishes of natural wood colour and warm globes giving detail and drama to a highly artistic composition.


Needless to say, the coffee is top notch. If you had to have one coffee in Melbourne, there would be no regrets if you only had it here.


As opposed to the absolutely scrumptious pre-made “roti rolls” and baguettes at Cafenatics, Code Black Coffee serves made to order meals (obviously). The dishes were certainly tasty but to be honest I think they needed a tad bit of refinement. For example, the toast under the sautéed mushrooms were overly drenched in melted butter, the bagels for the house-cured salmon were slightly too dense, and overall, I felt that the food needed a certain something more which takes the umami to another level. Code Black Coffee – if you’re reading this – do introduce those roti rolls here!

Grilled coffee glazed bacon sandwich with a bloody mary tomato jam, whipped goat’s cheese served with a coffee infused fried egg
Sautéed wild mushrooms on toasted brioche, pepe saya truffle butter and fried egg

Grilled roast mushrooms sandwich with caramelised onion and gruyere cheese. Served with a mushroom broth
Chilli glazed bacon and chicken roll with apple and radish slaw, coriander, watercress and mayo
House-cured salmon with dill cream cheese, fried onion rings and pickled gherkin on a 5 and dime bagel

All in all, a good visit. I can only imagine being here on a cold winter’s day, when I shall be back.

Code Black Coffee
15-17 Weston Street
+61 (3) 9381 2330

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