Muharam Cafe in Hawthorn (Melbourne) – Freakshake Battle Contender #1


I won’t deny it – one of my main objectives in stopping by this suburban cafe is the amazing word of mouth it has generated on the Internet for its “freakshakes” (aka the common milkshake dressed up with all kinds of other sweets, turning it into an ugly yet beautiful monstrosity). I’m fairly convinced this will be a novelty that shall come to pass but for now, there is no escaping its presence. I suppose the trend originated in America, where I’m sure the  OTT-ness is taken to another level, but I strongly suspect that Muharam Cafe might have originated the freakshake here in Melbourne (or at least this was the source of publicity). Since then, as with the way business goes, competitors have jumped on the bandwagon and it has become somewhat of a “common phenomenon”.

So, without further ado, here they are. There were four on offer (Nutella, Caramel/Honeycomb and Milo on the menu) and Peanut Butter on specials list. I should also mention that Nutella is seeing a recent resurgence in popular dessert culture nowadays. It can be found in doughnuts, cakes, crepes, as toppings on ice creams, etc. Naturally, there can be no denying its appearance in a milkshake! The Nutella milkshake was true to its name: it contained milk, vanilla ice cream and one big loaded spoonful of Nutella. I think it met the brief. One complaint: the doughnut could have had more Nutella!

Nutellin’ Time
The Caramel/Honeycomb concoction was less to my liking as it was a bit too sweet. The garnishing could have also been better thought through – whipped cream on the drink and more whipped cream in a cone is a tad lazy. How about a caramel slice to seal the deal?

Golden Gaytime
So, aside from the freakshakes, Muharam Cafe is a cosy and rustic cafe – it is warmly lit, and the decor is simple yet interesting enough. A big plus for me was that the staff had a great sense of music, and I actually made a new discovery music wise whilst eating here. An Irish pub in the city used to serve the awesomest beer battered chips but since they had removed that from the menu (bad, bad decision), I have struggled to find anywhere else that served it as good. Lo and behold, it is ON the Muharam menu!

Beer battered chips with chicken breast burger
I would come back for the beer battered chips, and the coffee (which unfortunately was sidelined and received minimal attention due to the freakshakes). Burgers are good. Nice suburban cafe to chill out at.

Muharam Cafe
97 Burwood Road
+61 (3) 9818 7722

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