Industry Beans in Fitzroy (Melbourne)

Industry Beans is located within a converted warehouse. The high ceiling lets a lot of light in and creates a sense of space and airiness.

This coffee roastery and cafe in Fitzroy has gathered quite a following in Melbourne. I finally got round to visiting. The cafe latte came in the deepest, darkest brown I have ever seen a latte come in. They say never judge a book by it’s cover but I think you could pretty easily tell how a coffee would taste from its colour! The cafe latte was proportionately smokey yet delicious, yielding a chocolatey and smooth finish. There was not a hint of sourness on the palette too, which I have come to dislike in coffees. The long back came as a short black and a jug of hot water. One word: Strong!

Won’t you just look at that coffee.


And here are my selections from the rather fanciful menu. All the dishes were extremely tasty and there was a degree of refinement that truly lived up to the word “gourmet”.

“Coffee-rubbed Wagyu beef burger”
Pan-fried fresh mushrooms

“Shanklish Cheese Omelette”: Caramelised leeks, zatar pinenuts, crispy kale and sourdough
“Truffled Egg”: Pea panna cotta, summer vegetables, porcini powder, zucchini flowers, cornbread crumb
“Crispy Beans and Quinoa”: Chilli pickle, avocado, tomato, spanish onion and a poached egg
Interestingly enough, the most surprising thing from my meal at Industry Beans turned out to be the desserts I ordered, see if you can guess what they are. Some clues? The piece of curiously red rectangular block is not tuna or any kind of fish. And the little spheres are most certainly not salmon roe. (Once you’ve cracked your head enough, click on the picture to reveal the answer).

“Coffee Garden”: Comprising of coffee custard pudding, coffee caviar and cold drip gel!
“Rosewater Compressed Watermelon”

“Steel Cut Oats”: Lavender mango, coconut yoghurt, crumble and freeze dried fruits
Verdict: I’ll certainly be back, especially for the coffee. One of the best I’ve had in Melbourne.


Industry Beans
62 Rose Street
+61 (3) 9417 1034

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